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The Pastor's Pointers Podcast

Listen to the Pastor's Pointers Podcast with our Pastor, Jon Haimes. You can listen to the podcast in three ways: 

  1. Visit frequently and listen to programs. 
  2. Visit frequently and listen to programs. 
  3. Download the free Podbean app from your app store and receive a notification each time a program is produced. 


There are five key programs heard on the Pastor's Pointers Podcast: 

  1. CABIN (aka: The Eight O'Clock Pot Variety Show), heard on Thursday evenings. 
  2. BIBLE TALKE: "Bible Talk with Ron and Jon", heard on Tuesday evenings. (Season 2 begins in September 2022.)
  3. PULPIT: Audio messages from Glendale Baptist Church 
  4. DEVO: Ten minute devotions. 
  5. CHECK-IN: New and information about the Glendale Baptist Church; sometimes a live check in from various locations

Thanks again for visiting! We hope you follow the Pastors Pointers Podcast and tell your friends about the podcast. 

Podcast (Prerecorded Programs)

Live Audio (When Available) Previously live programs will appear here.