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YOUR VISIT MEANT SO MUCH! Thank you so much for recently visiting with us at Glendale Baptist Church. We trust that your visit was pleasant and that you will return soon. In an effort to reach out to you and your family, please complete the brief form below. Again, we welcome you any time to Glendale and thank you for worshiping with us!

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Hey y'all! Do you have about fifteen seconds to let me know your thoughts on something? Currently, we are providing our worship services through: 

  • Drive-In Church (people come to the church parking lot and listen to our services on their car radio via a low fm transmitter. 
  • Live Streaming (people can watch our services live at home, on the go, or watch later)

I am thinking of people who are not able to attend for various reasons or they do not have internet or the ability to watch via a computer or smartphone. However, they could dial up a number and listen from the comfort of their home (or even in our parking lot if they so chose.) This would be in addition to our drive-in and live stream options. 


So, quickly, just let me know your thoughts. In these changing days (they are really changed EVERY DAY), we're just trying to stay in contact with you. Appreciate you!!


P.S. This page is only available to you as a part of the Glendale Family and is not public to others so we can get the most accurate determination of the needs of our congregation. 



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